lundi 7 octobre 2013

KEENKEEE | Crystallize your Crystal

I guess I should get over the fact that it's 2013 (almost 2014!) and that thanks to innovations in digital printing we are now able to print high quality fabrics but NO I still be like WHOA when I see collections like this.
Of course, technical progress isn't the only reason why I find these clothes amazing. The choice of colors and the graphic work with the diamond pattern is really well done in my opinion : combining all these colors and uneven shapes could have made the clothes feel like they're "too much" or messy. But the colors fit well together and the black parts that cut the patterned areas with straight lines at the extremities of the sweaters/jackets, or through the pants in length, give balance to the whole piece.
Here is Keenkeee's website if you want all da shine on you, or be the gals best friend :