mardi 29 décembre 2015

Safe with my sulk.

 Back again I guess.
As you can see I forgot how to put the focus right and keep a good quality on images when editing and posting them online which I'm quite upset about, I'll learn again.

Leather Jacket - Second Hand
Pleaser Pants - Acne Studios
Mono White Boots - Dr Martens.

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

My hair routine; coloring and styling tutorial.

Several people have asked me on tumblr to make a turorial video on how I do my hair, so here it is!

It's the first time I film myself talking and I must say it'way harder than I thought. I hope you will understand what I say, my accent is worse than I thought and the sound quality isn't on point. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions!

mercredi 27 août 2014

Dry and dusty.

Half of my post titles are Fever Ray lyrics haha, I hope she will make a come back now that The Knife officially broke up.

Hat - H&M Divided
Sweater - Contemporary Reflections
Gradient Jeans - Cheap Monday
White Mono Boots - Dr Martens

dimanche 24 août 2014

L'homme aux semelles de vent.

Autumn is finally arriving, bringing the feeling of new starts and new projects coming. I finally decided to leave the comfort of living at home in Stockholm and "take the risk of being free", hoping that it will inspire me to be more creative and active. This semester will be an adventure, I can't wait for it to start.

Trench coat - Weekday
Top - All Saints
Pants - Carin Wester
Mono Boots - Dr Martens

lundi 18 août 2014

Wild Child

Hi! Long time no seen, sorry I've had exams to pass, a lot to do at work this summer and I helped organizing a festival so I barely had time to take any pictures this summer. The only free time I've had was at night, which explains why my legs look as they do (again).

Anyway, I decided to take some pictures to post on here and Lookbook and on my way out I thought I should try to walk on stilts someday (I was really jealous of swedish kids when I visited my family here and saw they had them in the school yard). I then thought it could look nice on the pictures since I looked like a problematic school kid with my cap, rucksack and plastered legs.
As you can see on the video, walking on stilts is not one of my skills.

Marble Printed Sweater - Souland x Playtype
Cap - Weekday
Jeans Shorts - Cheap Monday
Mono Boots - Dr Martens

lundi 23 juin 2014

Make a mess, make a vow.

Clara took some pictures of me for her school project. As you can see I had fun, mostly for these 2 shots haha.

I am wearing :
MC Jacket - Frip'star (Second Hand shop in Paris)
Sweater - Contemporary Reflections
Black Mono Boots - Dr Martens.

Here are the final pictures :

Find more of Clara's work here :

dimanche 13 avril 2014


Sweater - Gina Tricot
Rucksack - Grafea
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Boots - Dr Martens