jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Purple Fringe

A few months ago a new hairdresser (Moc.) opened in town that now wants models, which is perfect because I really needed to cut my hair. Anyways I asked if they wanted me and I got booked one week later. I forgot the picture of the haircut I wanted and the hairdresser didn't understand what I wanted so I suddenly found myself in the mirror with a pot haircut... which she arranged when she saw the panic in my face. I got home with a fringe and died my hair blue but it turned purple, whatever. I really don't recognize myself in the mirror but I guess changes are good.

Jeans Jacket from Lee, found in a Japanese Second Hand shop in Hong Kong.
Versace Tank Top from Long Clothing, bought at S!ck in London.
Sweater from MTWTFSS.
Boots found at a flea market in Stockholm.

dimanche 13 novembre 2011

London 05.10.11-18.10.11

I was in Hong Kong when I uploaded the pictures of London so I didn’t really have time to write this article properly. A “Amazing city, stunning people, nice strangers, wonderful room mates, craziest parties, cozy pubs, disgusting food.” to describe this trip is far from enough, so here’s the details for the curious ones.

I was very lucky during the flight Stockholm-London; I’ve never seen such cleaned Ryanair windows and the weather was stunning (until we came to Great Britain..) so I could take pictures with my camera.
When I landed I met Ellinor and Sara who took me directly to a dinner at some French guys place, which turned quite funny. Then Ellinor had to go home because of her job, so me and Sara decided to hit the rainy streets of London, which turned even more fun. We didn’t know any club to go to so we asked some guys who took us to a place called Russian Bar; Empty Bar would be a more appropriate name… So we decided to go out again and drunk some beers under the only roof we found… behind containers. Katarina and Ebba, some Swedish hotties, joined us in our trashedies.

The day after that Sara and me got lost in this beautiful pittoresque somewhere on our way back home. After a few hours of walking, asking people how to get to our place we finally got home and ate tortellinis with cream; never again. When we got the energy we needed we went to Bricklane to meet Antonina, a friend of Sara, sat at this café which seems to be the Hipster Meeting Place, but still it was cozy and they make good Burgers. Then we bought some beers and drunk it in a park (and I hurt myself trying to open the beer can, the paleness of my skin makes such a contrast with the red, which I found quite esthetic so I took a picture of it. tumblr ruined my lyf).

That evening there was a party at Dalston Superstore which some of our room mates said we should miss. We drunk som beers at our place with Naomi, Dara Ellinor, Stacey and Sara and went to DSP. That night, the batteries of my camera died and I had no adapter to recharge it so I couldn’t take any pictures, anyways the only thing we did was shopping and crrrazy partying.

For Sara’s last day in London we decided to go to Camden and the evening we “pub crowled” on Kingsland Highstreet with Jack who I talked about in the previous article.

The day after I took a coffee at Fika, a Swedish coffee shop in Bricklane with Ebba after looking for work in every Bricklane shop, without success. Then I met Azur, a friend I met at the French School of Stockholm. She took me to the Pub she works at in Hampstead. I really felt like in an little village’s pub; everyone knew each other and spend good times together though they all were totally different. Azur’s friends ordered this ball which I don’t remember the name. Anyways it’s a sausage ball with an egg in it. Apparently people eat it with mustard… I will never understand English food taste.
Directly after I met the incredible roommates at a vintage shop party, the drinks weren’t that good and quite expensive, so I went to a corner shop and bought a beer. When I came back in the shop everyone was gone,  I had no phone so I tried to find an underground station to get to Kingland Highstreet where I supposed they were. But in the streets someone told me I should go with them to Larry Tees birthday party at a club called East Bloc, they got me in for free and left me there. When I came in I met Leah, who I met this summer at a festival, I also met Marine who works for Boy London at S!ck, who recognized me because I had been in the shop earlier that day. I felt that London maybe wasn’t that big, but thank the lord, it saved my night.

I got home again in the morning and found Ellinor writing on her diary above my “room” we talked about our night and then I got to Camden again. This place is just amazing, it’s a must visit in London if you like second hand shops, markets, Asian food, English underground shoes, rave clothes and crowded places.

I continued my shopping day in Bricklane where I met Marine again with her friend called Victor. I got tired because of my one-week-of-almost-no-sleeping so I got home and had my first night at home.

My last day in London I slept all the hours I missed and got to Camden (again) where I met Katarina and Ebba. We got to a pub called Lock tavern, a perfect place to take a beer with some friends, especially in the summer on their terrace. Then I met Jonna and Elina, two other Swedish hotties I met randomly in the streets, who I actually met at a Emmabodafestivalen in Sweden a few months before. We joined Jack at The Alibi where I papparazzed Jack and Elina during what seemed to be a very interesting, and Julia posing with my wannabe Kurt Cobainish faux-fur coat. Then a dog came in the club, which Jack and I apparanetly found more interesting that talking with da gurlz.
Then I slept a few hours, quickly packed my things, took picture of the beautiful street I lived in and got to the airport where I cried seven oceans because I already missed London. And here comes the bad moment of this trip : while I was listening to music and making a facebook status about how fun I had in London and how much I would miss it the Police caucht my attention, they were interviewing all the persons with African or Middle East appearance, which quite chocked me, and then they came to me too and asked the same stupid questions as when you want to travel in the. It made me quite angry but I kept da pokerface and finally got back to Stockholm.