jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Purple Fringe

A few months ago a new hairdresser (Moc.) opened in town that now wants models, which is perfect because I really needed to cut my hair. Anyways I asked if they wanted me and I got booked one week later. I forgot the picture of the haircut I wanted and the hairdresser didn't understand what I wanted so I suddenly found myself in the mirror with a pot haircut... which she arranged when she saw the panic in my face. I got home with a fringe and died my hair blue but it turned purple, whatever. I really don't recognize myself in the mirror but I guess changes are good.

Jeans Jacket from Lee, found in a Japanese Second Hand shop in Hong Kong.
Versace Tank Top from Long Clothing, bought at S!ck in London.
Sweater from MTWTFSS.
Boots found at a flea market in Stockholm.

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