mardi 3 avril 2012

Swedez u so funny

So today I'm using the blgspt iphone app for da verry 1st tyme cuz i habe to share a bit of my awesome life as an immigrant in Sweden. At lunch I went to Sophies school to eat and when i come in i see her laying on the floor taking of her shoes as if she gone completely nuts and then i see this huge amount of shoes. I thought it was a joke or sumthin but no you really have to put off your shoes inside, even at school. And if course I had big holes in my socks i felt so fab. *grunge till deth*.

2 commentaires:

  1. Men Sam, du vet väl att det bara är på Globala de håller på med sånt där va?

  2. "Med sånt där" haha
    Jag frågade och tydligen inte. Nu förstörde du min roliga fina bild av Sverige som jag fick. :(