jeudi 1 novembre 2012

July 2012 : London (part 1)

25.07.12 :

After 18 hours of bus from Prague Lukas & me arrived to Victoria Station where the two of us got arrested by the police, interviewed and searched because we"looked suspicious"... Later we got to the warehouse and had a barbecue.

26.07.12 :

First morning in the warehouse : drinking coffee with a mouse between my feet. (Instagram)

We then went to a park in the afternoon. (Instagram)

In the evening we met Magda and drunk some Lambrini lol I don't recommend it......

27.07.12 :

Later that evening we went to a free representation of ancient greek tragedies at The Scoop by MoreLondon. It was full of people, since the fireworks of the Opening of the Olympics started that day along the Thames. There we met that colorful woman walking through the crowd asking if people wanted to take pictures with/of her. Such an attention whore; a funny one though. :)

Cash machines got humor too. (Instagram)

28.07.2012 :


Clara arrived, we went to British museum  and then headed to Tate (tote lol) Museum.

"Tree of 12 meters". The artist, Giuseppe Penone, curved wooden blocks following a tree ring, which gave to the wooden peace it's tree form.

30.07.12 :

We finally went to Camden (me be nagging about it for long time) we ate bought ate ate bought, got lost. That woman randomly stopped at the entrance of the Camden market randomly having a perfect biker pose with her randomly outstanding badass outfit not conscious that I was taking a picture of her.

We got hungry and bought some food at a small corner shop. The sellers thought Lukas got hit by a car or something because of his jeans and asked if he needed help... very enjoyable moment, made my day etc. Anyway we went to a park nearby to eat but things got Alice in Wonderland. Lukas tried to swallow sunlight and Clara smoked my biscuit. awkward.

The 30th was a monday, and we wanted to go out. The Alibi was opened and there was a karaoke night. I sang No Scrubs with Fay Stacey and Hugo. SaSsY

31.07.12 :

Ill boys at Portobello.

We looked for indian bridal blings at Bethnal Green. Effective diet for my wallet.

And here's some BrickLane posin'.

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