mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Rome I

My camera was broken so I used my mother's digital one, which is why the quality isn't good.

Fontana di Trevi

Awkward~me throwing a coin over my shoulder


Pantheon's interior

Piazza Navona

Spanish Stairs

Posin cyclist at the Villa Borghese Park

The San Giacomo in Augusta Church

Trajan's column

      The journey started with quite a comic situation : my aunt, my mother and me arrived at the airport where a taxi driver was waiting for us, and talking in his phone. The front window of his car was broken, so was my security belt. He started driving, fast, while continuing his phone conversation, writing text messages, searching for something in the glove compartment, and of course he drove through a red light #jamesbond. In the car that was driving to our right, a man was screaming at his wife, his head was completely red and wrinkled because of all the energy he put into his speech, and the driving wasn't keeping him from making gigantic gestures.
I'm not very into prejudices but lol getting in an Italian's car is not very yolo.

Ok, so here's a very short text about my experience Rome, and also some tips if you're about to resort to that city.

    I've never seen as many tourists in my life as in Rome, accessing the monuments could be very difficult sometimes, but definitively worth it. The popularity of Rome is understandable, there are beautiful buildings, monuments, churches and fountains everywhere. Also most of them (not churches ofc) are accessible for free, and any moment : they're situated of public places and illuminated at night.
     Another thing you should know if you plan to visit Rome is that since there are so many visitors, the entrance tickets for the most popular sites may be "overbooked" for several days. I wanted to visit the Villa Borghese gallery a friday and when I got to the desk they told me they had no entrance tickets available until tuesday. So prepare your visit by buying the entrance tickets several days before on the gallery/museum/monument's website; it will also make you skip the line at the entrance.

    And I guess I don't even need to mention that the food is deliii but check the prices and what people have in their plates before you enter a restaurant, this may sound obvious but this sneaky city is full of tourist traps. :)

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  1. I love these sort of posts :P Looks like you had an awesome time ^_^ haha and yes italians are fucking crazy!! :'D although i turned out allright for an italian haha bleh- i love all the architecture in italy ! btw you looked adorable by the fountain <3

    1. :)) thanks!
      Yes, Italia is beautiful!
      haha so you're italian? Where from? I used to live in South of France so I went to San Remo and Rimini/Riccione several times a year.

    2. Heck yes! :D I was born in Milan- moved to London when i was 11- omg really!! I went Riccione a few years ago for a holiday too. Italy has pretty decent weather compared to shitty london. I'm going back this feb actually :) Seems like you travel loads- jealous :( will you be coming to london again love?