dimanche 17 mars 2013

Walking on a lake #Jesus

Yesterday I walked on a frozen lake for the first time with Jamila it was fun fun but kinda scary.
The Biker Boys jacket is from a second hand shop in Paris, I just googled it and found out it's from a not very popular motorcycle movie (rated 4.3/10 by imdb) but it looks great and also mine is japanese which is even better, for the wapanese that I am ^^^^^.


2 commentaires:

  1. did you slip >:)? haha naw looks fun! & your outfit is perfect, you are perfect<3

    1. hahaha you wish! No I didn't for once but my body is usually covered in bruises because I fall every winter here. :)
      Thank you Cristina <3. I hope we'll meet next time I come to London!