lundi 22 juillet 2013

Jade d'Enconzac Mbay's graduation show

    Weekday had a store opening party a several weeks ago where I spent some time with Jade, that studied at the Design High School of Stockholm (Designgymnasiet). She asked me if I wanted to go to her graduation show that would be a few days after; which I did, making a wonderful entrance as usual : I missed my buss so I arrived late, the organizers and models told me to hurry "in that way". I entered on the catwalk just as the music started, completely sweaty, and with a transparent plastic bag filled with bottles of beer and wine... I stopped there for a second enduring the amused looks of the other people sitting around me and then found a place to sit on. When the show was over, a man told me "Nice entrance, are you going out tonight?" referring to my bag lol I'm such a trainwreck.
    Anyway, I didn't know what to expect from the show and I really liked it. I am into very light colored outfits. Most of her clothes where monochrome which puts the attention on the work she put to give unusual forms to her creations, it is more visible on the video I think.

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