lundi 30 septembre 2013

∞ Eternity ∞

It's 7°C and I'm posting a shorts-tshirt look but I have 3 readers from the Southern Hemisphere so I guess I can go global now fuck seasons!!!!!!!!!!!
 The T-shirt and shorts are from SOWET69, they've been my favorite clothes this spring/summer. I love the graphic work the designer(s) have done and the prints on the fabric are also really good. I don't know what's written on the T-shirt though so I might be insulting some persons or spreading some illuminati message by wearing it lol.
Anyway, if you like digital printed clothes you should check out their online shop.

Wool Cap - (Mr B for) Aldo
Eternity T-Shirt - SOWET69
Eternity Shorts - SOWET69
Hooded Sweater - Julia And Ben
Pascal White Boots - Dr Martens

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