lundi 17 décembre 2012

Sankta Lucia untz untz stajl

As you may know we still celebrate pagan traditions in Sweden, the main religion in Protestantism but the pre-Christian rituals have been preserved in a "christianised" way though. That is to say that the traditions have been given new names or new significations but the rituals are still practiced.
The 13th of december, Swedes celebrate the Sankta Lucia which consists in singing or listening to choir songs and lighten loads of candles. According to old Swedish legends, the night of the 13th of December is dangerous because it would animate bad supernatural powers. The ritual was a way to stay awake the hole night to avoid to get injured by them. Nowadays Swedes just go to the St Lucy concerts in schools/churches/concert locals (more info here if you're interested).
We went to Haggornas club that had a Lucia celebration at Berns.

Clara helped me taking the pictures.

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