samedi 15 décembre 2012

Going "dark and difficult" for KGB.

Fab in Elviras tutu

Mummy's ringing

Commu girlz

 "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian"

Hanna was there,

 Lenine was there too.

Bella Elvira and me have been wanting to go to a gothic club together for a while, to dance to some 80's new wave and synth. Basically we wanted to go to one called Tech Noir but this one happens only a few times every year. So we went to a gothic night at the club KGB.
After we went to Under Bron where I GOT ARRESTED BY THE POLICE ON THE DANCEFLOOR for "doing weird things with my hands" (I was dancing) and "having big pupills" (with seems logic to me since it's dark in clubs). They forced me to pee in a cup in front of them, not the best experience of my life since exhibitionism isn't my thing.

Anyway the results proved I didn't take any drugs fuq d poliec fuq d systme and have a nice weekend!

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