lundi 10 décembre 2012

Snow chaos - Cheap Monday Glow in the dark collection party - Haggorna's rave party at Berns.

Last wednesday Stockholm got hit by a snow storm. Even if the weather channels warned about it, it seemed like nobody was prepared to it, which resulted in quite a lot of funny scenarios : cars got stuck in the middle of the streets because the owners decided to drive in their cars even if the roads were covered by 80cm of snow, others thought they could ride their bicycles (???)... and the classical : people walking in high heels :))

Anyway, Rakel and me met in town, drank a coco, complained about the weather and went to Weekday for the release party of Cheap Monday's limited edition "Glow in the Dark".
I was looking forward to that collection. The bag wasn't "falling" good when you had things in it and you can't carry it on the shoulder because it's too tiny to put your arm in it, which disappointed me. But the sneakers looked very good and glowed a LOT. I also liked their glowing wallet; very practical since it will be easy to find in the bag that contains it.
I have no pictures of it but you can see it on Weekday's website.

We finished the night with going to Haggorna's rave night at Berns.


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  1. omg this event looks soo freaking cool!